Knolla's Pizza
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Knolla's Pizza Taking the future into their own hands

In the late 70s, Pat and Tim Knolla decided to take their future into their own hands after careers with a large pizza corporation in Wichita KS. The two brothers decided to make pizzas fashioned after those offered in New York City pizzerias, where the pizza dough is worked by hand and the owners know their customers by name.

Pat and Tim packed up and and headed for New York City to study with the best, a couple of Sicilian brothers whose pizza parlor was known to be the best in the city. The Sicilians' only stipulation was that Pat and Tim not open a pizza shop within 30 blocks from their store.

The Knolla brothers worked side-by-side with the Sicilian brothers, learning the fine points of their special French bread style crust and their not too spicy (and just a little sweet) sauce. Pat and Tim learned to top their pizza with whole milk mozzarella cheese and never skimp on fresh toppings. The Sicilians also shared the importance of a personal touch and taught the Knollas that it "can't be pizza" if the dough is not made fresh daily and worked by hand.


Opening Their First Location

The first Knolla's Pizza opened in Orlanda, Florida in 1981. In 1988, Pat opened a location in east Wichita, KS at Central and Oliver. Despite a few setbacks and location changes over the next few years, Pat settled his pizzeria at 13th and West Street in Wichita and has been operating there since 1995.


Everybody Loves Pizza

In 2005, The Knolla's Pizza location at 13th and West was honored to be named as one of only 540 American pizza establishments in the book "Everybody Loves Pizza" by Penny Pollack and Jeff Ruby celebrating American top pizza makers.


Gaining Loyal Customers

In 2005 and 2006, Knolla brothers, Dan and Steve, opened additional Knolla's Pizza locations in Wichita, one at Central and Ridge Rd. and another at Central and Rock Rd. in Piccadilly Square.


Knolla's Pizza Today

Knolla's brothers

Today there are 4 locations in the Wichita area, the most recent being a new location in Maize, Kansas which opened November of 2013. All four locations are independently owned and operated by the Knolla brothers: Pat, Steve and Dan.

Knolla's Pizza continues to offer New York style and Chicago Pan style crusts, as well as many other delicious menu items such as salads, breadsticks, and dessert pizzas.

The Knolla brothers continue to operate the independently owned and operated Knolla's Pizza locations with the help of family, a great staff and the loyalty of our customers, most of whom they know by name.