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    Knolla's Pizza is freedom from corporate pizza. For more 30 years, Knolla's Pizza has been serving up the best ingredients on our one-of-a-kind crust.
  • Locations
    Four Knolla's Pizza locations in the Wichita area: 13th & West, Central & Rock, Central & Ridge and 37th & Maize.
  • Menu
    You're about to experience the best pizza in Wichita. We love to serve up only the freshest and best ingredients. From pizza and sandwiches to salads and dessert, our menu is full of surprises.
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    Find valuable coupons, deals and specials on your favorite pizza.
  • Catering
    From small groups to large parties, we can make pizza, salad, appetizers (and more) for any size of group. Call the nearest location for details and don't forget the dessert.
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    Contact Knolla's Pizza: We love to hear customer feedback about our pizza and restaurants.
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    What's new with Knolla's? Get the latest information and news about our restaurants.
  • About
    Knolla's Pizza is a local pizzeria with four locations in Wichita Kansas. We've been making pies since the 1970s.
  • Jobs
    Looking to make pizza, run deliveries or do other tasks at our restaurants? Find job openings here.